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Legacy Planning

Legacy is too important to leave to chance. We have a process for helping your story unfold and a method for capturing your story. Legacy, or values-based planning, allows you to chart a plan that reaches into the future, providing a road-map that your family can implement for generations to come.

There are two facets of legacy formation. One facet is taking care of urgent business – getting documents in place and protecting assets. The second facet is tending to your legacy – documenting the broader intent for your wealth. When your family philosophy is in place, more family members become involved in the stewardship of your legacy, and wealth takes on a purpose and tradition outside the context of money.

Our process allows values and vision to easily come to the forefront of conversation. This transformational approach converts legacy development from a vague intangible into a systematic process. At completion of this comprehensive planning process, you will have established a living estate plan. Your Family Financial Philosophy Statement serves as a guide for your family, your beneficiaries, and key advisors in fulfilling your vision for a personally meaningful family legacy.

The continuity planning of The Madison Group, Inc. ensures our long-term commitment to your family, allowing our considerable resources to serve you, and your family, for many years to come.


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